Task.ly was completed as the major element of course work for the UX Design course at Careerfoundry.com.

The project consisted of researching and prototyping an MVP for a task-based web app.

Some of the tasks involved were:

  • competitor research
  • customer interviews
  • creating user personas
  • developing business goals
  • keyword and SEO research
  • paper protoyping
  • wireframing in Balsamiq
  • usability testing
  • UI design
  • final prototype in InVision

The project was an interesting one, in that it involved all aspects of the process in developing an app, not just design or ux aspects. The key element to producing a successful app, however, was placing the user at the centre of the process. In order to do this successfully, it was necessary to strip back the complexity until the app performed as the user expected and needed. So the final prototype was much simpler than originally envisaged, but much the better for it.

There’s a live version of the final prototype available here: Task.ly InVision prototype 

And some images of the related tasks in the gallery

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